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Welcome to 21st Century University

We here at 21st Century University firstly commend you for taking action to look into getting yourself a 21st Century Education.

You and your family and friends deserve to have access to a modern-day Education for life – One we all deserved to have been taught at school or University but didn’t. Taught by those with a Ph.D. in Results, as opposed to our 19th Century outdated, failing education system, taught by those with a Ph.D. in Theory.

For a tiny fraction of what college or university costs, you now have access to a modern-day 21st Century Education, making it affordable for you and your friends to learn.

We have a library filled with hundreds of hours of practical common sense content covering strategies and methodologies taught by those who have a Ph.D. in Results – not just a Ph.D. in Theory like most teachers at school or College or University only have. We have included over 20 of our lecturers, some you may know such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sir Richard Branson and New York Times Best Selling Author of ‘The 4 Hour Work Week’, Tim Ferriss. Also among our list of past elite lecturers is the ‘Australian Donald Trump’, millionaire apprentice Mark Bouris and boxing champion Danny Green.

We have tech entrepreneurs who have built close to billon dollar companies already such as Ruslan Kogan of, to ensure we cover all aspects of growing your careers, business, learning how to invest, simple tools to be more grateful and happy with your life, how to increase your focus and effectiveness including an entire lesson on how to manage your time modeled from some of the most successful people on the planet.

These are the type of lectures you simply don’t get at school or University. This modern-day 21st Century Education will not only teach you financial literacy and financial intelligence, but also importantly emotional intelligence and the mindset required to out perform.

That’s why you’ll also learn from one of Australia’s leading and controversial educators Jamie McIntyre as he shares the psychology behind the ultra successful as at 21st Century University we want you to be ultimately fulfilled in life not just learn how to excel in your careers, business, and finances.

A truly holistic modern-day education is important and covers emotional well being and also health to ensure optimum long term performance.

21st Century Education has been around now for 22 years and has taught already 500,000 individuals from over 17 different countries and we are just getting started.

Collectively it’s been calculated that 21st CenturyUniversity enrollees have generated increasedfinancial wealth of several billion dollars over the last two decades.

A cornerstone of that wealth has come from Real Estate investments, so at 21st Century University, we have included Real Estate online classes included updated strategies to profit from game-changin companies like Airbnb where you can profit from properties without even owning them.

Live Seminars & Events

At 21st Century University, we operate many seminars and events to help you grow and reach your full potential!

With plenty of big names in business and finance and inspirational people who have accomplished so much their lives, these events help set you up for success! ‘Education for Life’ is our signature event – A personal development seminar that has literally changed the lives of thousands of men, women and teens across Australia!

World Renowned Educators with a PhD in Results

They have lectured at 21st Century Education live events before and you can learn from online with our 30 Day Free Trial

Timothy Ferriss

Sir Richard Branson

Mark Bouris

Probably one of those books that could be on the “must read for strategy consultants” lists. It will help mature your team thinking skills, and help to explain the process of consulting. Very useful.
Jeff on ‘Good Reads’

Here are just some of the things you’ll access as a 21st Century University enrolee

Learn from Lecturers with a PhD. in Results

Access to hundreds of hours of video content from dozens of lecturers with a PhD in Results. Individuals have paid between $4000-$10,000 AUD for video content like this. You can have access to this from just $59 AUD per month.

Access to 13 renowned 21st Century educational books

Including the world renowned “What I Didn’t Learn At School But Wish I Had” and soon to be released “What I Did Learn at School but Wish I hadn’t”.

Property Master Classes

With strategies suitable for the Australian, US, and European markets and others. Brand new strategies covering Airbnb secrets, how to profit from the property you don’t own, how to find 10X property deals, how to get finance, and ways to buy property virtually no money down.

Life & Investment Strategies

Learn strategies to save money, pay your home mortgage off sooner, get a pay rise, create $30-$50,0000 AUD with a simple tactic our subscribers use with their home before they start investing!

Buffett’s Stock Market Strategies

Stock market strategies including “Renting shares” which has helped many students retire plus how to insure stocks plus profit when the market falls. Warren Buffett’s key criteria for selecting stocks include a book on Warren Buffett.

Millionaire Finance Strategies

Discover how to eliminate debt fast, save a fortune on interest, 8 ways to come up with the money to invest even if you don’t have money to start. Unlimited, practical, strategic common sense financial strategies taught by self-made millionaires. Learn financial skills and tools to master your finances and create abundance for you and your family.

Learn lessons from the New York Times Best Selling Author

Access Tim Ferris as he shares his concepts taught in his bestseller “4 Hour Work Week” New York Times bestseller and licensed exclusively to 21st Century University. Plus an interview with Australian TV Personality Eddie McGuire with Eddie sharing some of his success secrets.

5 Rules of Success - Arnold Schwarzenegger

Learn the 5 lessons of success from the ‘Terminator’ Arnold Schwarzenegger. The man who set bodybuilding records played Terminator, and presided over the state of California has accomplished meteoric success throughout his career, each time defying the odds, the experts, and conventional wisdom.

How to Start a Business

Learn how to start a business, grow a business, raise capital, build sales teams, market and how to sell without selling!

Ongoing Brand New Content

Brand new content being added constantly covering all topics from how to acquire the mindset for success, goal setting, eliminating procrastination, how to create a life of fulfillment, how to discover your life’s purpose, how to create wealth by adding value and helping people, how to create impact and leave a lasting legacy


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