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Welcome to 21st Century University

We here at 21st Century University firstly commend you for taking action to look into getting yourself a 21st Century Education.

You and your family and friends deserve to have access to a modern-day Education for life – One we all deserved to have been taught at school or University but didn’t. Taught by those with a Ph.D. in Results, as opposed to our 19th Century outdated, failing education system, taught by those with a Ph.D. in Theory.

For a tiny fraction of what college or university costs, you now have access to a modern-day 21st Century Education, making it affordable for you and your friends to learn.

We have a library filled with hundreds of hours of practical common sense content covering strategies and methodologies taught by those who have a Ph.D. in Results – not just a Ph.D. in Theory like most teachers at school or College or University only have. We have included over 20 of our lecturers, some you may know such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sir Richard Branson and New York Times Best Selling Author of ‘The 4 Hour Work Week’, Tim Ferriss. Also among our list of past elite lecturers is the ‘Australian Donald Trump’, millionaire apprentice Mark Bouris and boxing champion Danny Green.

We have tech entrepreneurs who have built close to billon dollar companies already such as Ruslan Kogan of, to ensure we cover all aspects of growing your careers, business, learning how to invest, simple tools to be more grateful and happy with your life, how to increase your focus and effectiveness including an entire lesson on how to manage your time modeled from some of the most successful people on the planet.

These are the type of lectures you simply don’t get at school or University. This modern-day 21st Century Education will not only teach you financial literacy and financial intelligence, but also importantly emotional intelligence and the mindset required to out perform.

That’s why you’ll also learn from one of Australia’s leading and controversial educators Jamie McIntyre as he shares the psychology behind the ultra successful as at 21st Century University we want you to be ultimately fulfilled in life not just learn how to excel in your careers, business, and finances.

A truly holistic modern-day education is important and covers emotional well being and also health to ensure optimum long term performance.

21st Century Education has been around now for 22 years and has taught already 500,000 individuals from over 17 different countries and we are just getting started.

Collectively it’s been calculated that 21st CenturyUniversity enrollees have generated increasedfinancial wealth of several billion dollars over the last two decades.

A cornerstone of that wealth has come from Real Estate investments, so at 21st Century University, we have included Real Estate online classes included updated strategies to profit from game-changin companies like Airbnb where you can profit from properties without even owning them.

5 Rules to Success

Watch Arnie’s full lecture and post lecture interview on his
“5 Rules to Success” he delivered exclusively for 21st Century Education

Watch Arnie's lecture on 5 Rules of Success at 21st Century University

Mortgage Audit Software - Bank Refund Software

By auditing your mortgage you will instantly find out if you are one of the thousands of homeowners being overcharged interest every day, due to hidden bank mistakes.

Since 2004 this Bank Refund software has helped thousands of homeowners audit their loans, mortgages, lines of credit and other long term debt, and it is trusted by homeowners and property investors across Australia.

To keep updated how much our customers refunds are and tips and tricks to pay off your mortgage faster.

How much are you Being Overcharged?

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Why Do I Need Bank Refund Software?

Signing up for a mortgage is one of the biggest financial decisions you will ever make, and with a little discipline you can turn it, and your home, into one of your most successful long-term investments.

Bank Refund Software will help you along the way. From checking your mortgage for errors and protecting the thousands of dollars in interest you pay each year, through to setting up a plan to keeping you on track to being debt free sooner.

If your lender forgets to link your offset account to your mortgage, or sets you up with the wrong interest rate then it could cost your tens of thousands of dollars over the life of your mortgage. Using Bank Refund Software to check your interest charges each year will help detect any interest errors and can take a little as five minutes.

How Can Bank Refund Software Help You?

Have a quick look at this overview page to find out how you can uncover hidden bank errors, save thousands off your mortgage repayments and get your money back from the bank!
Frequently Asked Question
It works for customers globally no matter where you live however most of our customers are Australian and New Zealand.
You can download the software shortly after purchasing, or you can request the option for one of our specialists to do it for you either for a fixed fee or a % of the refund they are confident they can get

Yes it’s absolutely true.

Because we know most customers will have bank errors in the banks favour we are happy to offer a money back guarantee on the bank refund software as we love to help our customers get money back from their banks

After all the banks can afford it and without our specially designed and enhanced software the banks would get away with keeping your money

Yes we have partnered with 21st Century University the Netflix of self education and financial education to give you 12 months access to their online education including lecturers such as Mark Bouris, Arnold Schwarzenegger, 4 hour Work Week New York Times best seller Tim Ferris and dozens of other renowned educators with a PHD in results

The tuition for 21st Century University is worth more then the fee you pay to purchase the license to the software

That’s correct

We are taking applications now for potential licenses to market our unique bank refund software

See details below the software purchase section to opt in for future details

Want To Beat Your Bank? Here Are The Facts You Need To Know!
FACT #1 - Banks Make Mistakes

All of Australia's largest lenders have been caught overcharging clients millions of dollars.

An error on just your loan is unlikely to be noticed as it is too small for the bank to pick up.

A simple typing mistake or computer glitch is all it takes.

FACT #2 - Banks Are Driven By Profits

Your mortgage repayments have been set up to maximise the amount of interest you pay over the life of your loan, generating easy profits for the banks.

You will repay 2 to 3 times the amount you borrow if you don't make extra repayments on your mortgage.

After 22 years of repaying your mortgage, you will still owe the bank more than 1/2 of the original amount you borrowed.

Share Your Success Story

We would love to hear about your success story. Did you find any surprises when you audited your mortgage? Has your lender been overcharging you?

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Audit your mortgage today with this Bank Refund Software and make sure you haven't been overcharged!
21st Century U - Learn Investing, Business & Purpose Online

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Many people know that they want and need success in their life, whatever success means to them, but every time they start to move forward, FEAR or not knowing Where to Start keeps them from taking the action necessary to make those changes in their lives.
FEAR of failure…
FEAR of success… 
FEAR of what others will think…
FEAR of change…
FEAR of the responsibility that comes with success…
Those fears are real. I’ve had them, and I know that you will have them too.
For our members who have been with us for the past 20 years, THIS system was the key that helped them to break those fears, learn the skills and mindset techniques, and gave them permission to change themselves, so they could become a successful self made millionaire.
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