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Money making can be an addictive formula, something that once you’ve learnt, you love to do, almost like a healthy habit, but better, as it gives you the abundance and power to make your life the way you always wanted it to be, and the ability to help others and make a difference.

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Jamie McIntyre is an extraordinary human being who has helped hundreds of thousands of people achieve their full potential. I love that he has a PhD in results, as i am a professor of action myself!

- Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger Endorses Jamie McIntyre and 21st Century Education

We also then teach you via the business strategies at 21st Century U, how to grow and then scale your business, even if you don’t have one yet.

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Meet 21st Century U Founder Jamie McIntyre

I’ve gone from nothing growing up in rural Australia, to a high net worth individual, who built an empire of companies turning over $60 million pa by my late 30’s. I spent 15 years lecturing and sharing my financial insights, as well as creating a modern day 21st Century Education. I hosted millionaires, & billionaires, at my events through to famous Hollywood Actors. I have helped my clients make, now over $5 billion, and eventually was banned in Australia from being able to publicly share my financial insights, especially after I exposed the financial planning industry as a commission driven fraud designed to profit from uneducated naive investors. What I was teaching, the Government did not want the average person to utilize. You’ll discover why later.

I then dedicated my money and resources to funding not for profit causes, such as independent media in Australia, and launched the first newspaper in decades, the Australian National Review . I did this to help my country create much needed debate, & political change,and help expose the matrix of lies being pushed by mainstream media, often in lockstep with our Government’s. I become targeted by Government agencies as a result,and had my businesses shut down,and a tens of millions of assets stolen. I was character assassinated by fake mainstream media outlets,and framed for somehow losing my investors money,the idea I would destroy my own land projects and lose 100 times more then my investors being somewhat absurd . But the truth is not something that the elite care for . Stopping threats to exposing their rigged financial system is though.

I become a political commentator, and investigative journalist,along with a team of reporters have been helping expose the Covid fraud by the Australian Government. I was speaking at public rallies in Australia with some estimates of 350,000 people at the largest ones.

I learnt that the system does not like anyone showing others how to escape the matrix,and become independently wealthy,like I did at a young age. Especially someone outspoken as myself. You’re meant to keep your head down and not draw attention to yourself.
But I was raised to take a stand in my life,and standup for what you believe in,and stand up for your country.

If that’s the sort of person you are to , and you want to learn from my life’s work,and experiences for less then $100 bucks,then what I’ve made available for you, and select others at 21st Century U, is for you.

It’s for those who want to live a better life, help their family and friends , their community and ultimately their nation. To access the financial tactics and strategies that made me millions and my clients collective billions. To know how to solve problems , and to attract the things you most desire, whether it’s success in business or career, or relationship or simply to be more happier and fulfilled in your life. This is not for pretentious people, with big egos,that want me to show them how to get rich quick,to impress fake friends on Fakebook or Instasham, who believe in fake news. This is for real authentic individuals,that want to win in life, not lose, that want the best in life and not settle, that want to change their life and the world for better. It’s not for the weak minded, shallow nor selfish. Using my methodology to become wealthy, starting with nothing,is based on adding value to the world, and being generous and giving. Being real, not fake

I’ve had the Superyachts, the luxury mansions, the multiple luxury cars, motor homes,the real estate portfolios,and holiday homes. Which is great,and it was a reward for my hard work for years. But it isn’t what makes you happy. What makes you happy and successful, is what I share in 21st Century U

You’ll access hours and hours of content from my past lectures and from those with a PhD, who have shared 21st Century U stages,because I felt they had something to add to my attendees.

21st Century U, 2.0 is making available my past work,and new material, especially new financial tactics needed to succeed in a world post Covid,that is going to see massive changes. Many will be wiped out financially from these changes, but a select few, I will arm with everything I’m doing to win, and share my predictions of what’s likely to happen ( I have a very good track record of predictions that can be verified, such as telling my clients to buy Bitcoin once it reached $120 Aud , about $80 USD. Many became millionaires as a result , although that’s not how most of the $5 billion my clients made came from. I’ll share how they did it, once you register and access the video tutorials that form part of 21st Century U.

“Jamie is the only speaker in Australia that can speak on creating wealth in property, the stock market, business and internet business. Many can specialize in one discipline, but only a true financial master can create wealth from many disciplines.”

McIntyre Report Political Talk Show - Ep 166 (Part 1)

How to profit from new technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) to develop new cashflows to retire on.

McIntyre Report Political Talk Show - Ep 166 (Part 2)

How to make money from AI? Jamie Interviews leading expert on profiting from AI - Part 2

Making Money With AI

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